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Remember that episode of A Different World when Whitley Gilbert (played by Jasmine Guy), couldn’t get over the fact that her rich, ex-boyfriend Julian had moved on? In this scene (which you can see in the clip below) Whitley (who always had a capacity for les dramatics) tries to get over him and sees a shrink who whips her into shape with a dose of truth serum.  Part of Whitley’s “cure” is to get closure with her past so she can move on to a life with Dwayne (who loves her dearly – but who was a poor as a church mouse) and find happiness in the things that really matter. Like honesty, true love and purpose.

Part of Whitley’s healing comes from repeating the phrase “relax, relate, release.”

That episode  was always one of my favorites and the phrase “relax, relate, release” became  a mantra that got stuck in my head. When I get overwhelmed, stressed out, and/or otherwise frustrated with what is happening in my life, this phrase, along with many other mantras, is one that definitely comes to mind.
rrr day flyer

Brooklyn Day Retreat for Women

But, next month the words “Relax, Relate, Release” are going to take on even more wonderful meaning. At least it will for those of us lucky enough to be a plane, train, bus or car ride away from The Afro Capital of the World (also known as Brooklyn, New York).
Why? Because Lindsay Fauntleroy, the Dynamic Diva behind the company called Oceans and Rivers is blessing us with another Brooklyn Day Retreat for Women at the fourth annual Relax Relate Release Woman’s Conference. (Full disclosure: I love Lindsay like I love bread. Which is to say… a lot!)
RRR audience

Last year’s Relax Relate Release Conference was a FULL house!

Last year at this time I was as pregnant as one can be without actually giving birth, so I didn’t get to you prepare you properly for the 2013 version of RRR awesomeness. I will not make that mistake again. Because if you missed last year’s event then you reaaaaaally missed out big time.
According to Ms. Fauntleroy, the goal of RRR is to:
“Empower women in an fun, relaxing atmosphere and connect them to resources that will better their physical, emotional and spiritual health. It’s rare for women to have opportunities like this to come together to talk, learn and share about the things that are most important to our success.”
As you can see from last year’s pictures here, we had a blast. And if you check out the pictures from earlier years you will also see that when it comes to providing women with a dynamic day long escape, Lindsey and the Ocean and Rivers crew know exactly what they’re doing.
rrr hands raised

Sacred Sex Workshop with Lady Shepsa of Let Go Let Goddess, LLC

Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting my workshop called “Beauty Marks” which explores female identity and self-esteem (for women and girls) with a focus on how the beauty of women of color has been contextualized through the years.
Me, Karen & Lindsay - I Had Some Fun Times w These Dynamic Sistas!

Me, Karen & Lindsay – I Had Some Fun Times w These Dynamic Sistas!

This year not only will I be participating on the panel discussion but I’m also hosting a workshop called Pretty Shouldn’t Hurt (thank you Ms. Yonce). Because lets face it: we’ve all had those moments when we’ve felt radiantly gorgeous, and other moments when… not so much.  Pretty Shouldn’t Hurt will use media and popular culture to explore some of our deepest held beliefs about beauty, and how those beliefs affect our self-esteem on a daily basis.  You’ll learn concrete action steps to transform your “unpretty” moments, and how to radiate the beauty that you are with grace and confidence.
rrr afrostate

Books were flying off the table!

But that’s not all. Not by a long shot. Other workshops include the following:

1. Wise Awake: Intro to Insight Meditation

presented by Sebene Selassie,

Executive Director of New York Insight

Meditation Center & founder of Wise Awake, Inc.


2. Money Makeover: The Sexy Money Way to Passive Income

presented by Denise Cooper,

CEO of Sexy Money


3. Burlesque your Chakras: Cultivating Creative Power

presented by Chicava HoneyChild

Burlesque Dancer Extraordinaire


4. Sensual Wellness through Bellydance

presented by Oshun, Bellydancer and founder of Joyful Dance


5. Goddess Sense: Flower Essences for Mind, Body & Spirit

presented by Oceans & Rivers Founder Lindsay Fauntleroy


6. Lift Your Voice: Expression & Creativity through the Sacred Cypher

presented by hip hop phenomenon Toni Blackman


7. Dress to Impress: Making Your Personal Style Statement

presented by Lauren Simmons

And more. Much, much more.

RRR hfh

invited guest Francheska of the AWESOME site shared her inspirational story and journey to wellness

Like awesome vendors with some of the best bags, clothes, jewelry, hair & body products Brooklyn has to offer. Oceans & Rivers has put together a certifiable Dream Team and you can check out some of the other folks who will be there. So yes. As you can see we are going to have a blast this year. All you have to do now is buy your ticket. There may be a small amount of tickets at the door – no guarantees though. Per the RRR Facebook page, most tickets have already been sold. WooHoo!

rrr karen

Karen Tappin, CEO of Karen’s Body Beautiful broke it down in her workshop last year!

Unlike many conferences, your ticket allows you access to ALL of the workshops and ALL of the vendors. No picking and choosing what you can or can’t attend. That’s the point of a Day Retreat for Women: creating a space where Sistas can come together to build with each other in love, peace and relaxation. It’s a day, one out of 365, that we can leave our stress, worries and concerns at the door. It’s a time when women like me can enjoy the sista-hood that is so vital to our health, our spirits and our well being. It’s a time when we, just like Whitley, are reminded of and empowered to take some time to Relax, Relate, Release.

rrr garden bar

Last year’s vendors were off the hook. Rockia Aya & Keiana Dunn were part of the reason!

Oh, wait.  You have kids and don’t have a place to take them for the day?

Well the Oceans and Rivers crew already have arranged for child care to be provided by Little Sun People Daycare for an additional small fee. Now some of you may have heard me mention LSP as one of God’s gifts to Black parents and children. I have also said that this preschool happens to be one of Black Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets. Why? Well when you get a chance check out my interview with Fela Barcliff, the dynamic woman who is the brains behind the school. You will see why first hand. This school’s commitment (more than 30 years strong!) to raising Black children in an African centered space that keeps their educational curriculum and cultural needs in mind is unmatched.
Anyhow the point being, if you’re worried about child care, don’t. Buy a ticket, register them for child care and save your sanity. For one day anyway.
Here it is one more time:
Relax, Relate, Release Women’s Day Conference
Where: 1103 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY (at the For My Sweet Gallery)
Time: 1pm – 9pm
Childcare Available (separate registration)!!
Get your ticket here – and come ready to have your spirits rejuvenated.


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