Maroons: The Only Free Black People

Free Black People Brag Different I've said before that slavery impacts us as much today as it did in the past. "Trying to understand race relations (or the conditions ailing the Black community since anyone alive can remember) without understanding slavery is like trying to cure cancer without understanding anatomy." As descendants of the recently enslaved, part of … [Read more...]

Black Folk Money Shuffle

There's Financial Health...Then There's What We Have... When Louis Farrakhan issued the call for Justice or Else! A lot of folks got stuck on the "else" part.  Many of us couldn't imagine what our community actually could do if we don't get justice from White America. Most people failed to realize that the "or else" is up to us. I see this most clearly when I think about … [Read more...]

On Bad Allies, The Black Vote & Anal Behavior

  Last week I went on a mini Twitter rant about White allies acting badly. I inadvertently used a hash tag that was both informative and highly suggestive (at the same dang time): #NotAnAlly I was irritated by the countless social media conversations where non-Black “allies” threaten to withdraw support of movements like #BlackLivesMatter because of hurt … [Read more...]

Sandra Bland: Murdered For Acting Like A Black Girl

    Sandra Bland was murdered because she sounded and acted like a Black girl. Her death was a fatal example of the ways Black girls are regularly treated by society when we don’t use our Make-White-People-Feel-Comfortable skill sets.   This is especially true when we talk and act “Black” and don’t maintain consistent use the White Girl Voice in … [Read more...]

Hey Children’s Place Clothing Store: Black Kids Matter

You know how your kids hit a growth spurt right as the weather changes and there’s no way on God’s earth that you can stretch last summer’s wardrobe any further? So that happened at our house. Right as the weather turned  to wake-up-sweaty-degrees we realized we had to get the kids some new clothes. We decided to go to Children’s Place because we had a ton of coupons and knew … [Read more...]