White Supremacy: What it is and How it Operates

“If you don’t understand white supremacy, what it is and how it operates, everything you think you understand will only confuse you.” Neely Fuller, Jr. I’ve heard the words “White supremacy” more in the past week than at any point in my life. Which is saying a lot, since I majored in Africana Studies in college. Most people have no real idea what the phrase means or how it … [Read more...]

Why Racial Profiling is Here to Stay

When we see an example of police brutality in action, racially disparate policing becomes part of the conversation. Though we know racism plays a huge role, rarely do we make the necessary connections between the racist ways that policing in America began and how Black/Brown communities are policed today. That is repeatedly proving to be a fatal mistake. The History of … [Read more...]

When #SlaveryMatters More than #BlackLivesMatter: Alton Sterling & Philando Castile

Ignorance Can Kill You Trying to understand race relations (or the conditions ailing the Black community since anyone alive can remember) without understanding slavery is like trying to cure cancer without understanding anatomy. That’s how much slavery matters to what’s happening in protests all over the country today. We are all historical products and who we are today … [Read more...]

Cops & District Attorneys: When Black Lives Don’t Matter

Special prosecutors are independent attorneys who are appointed to investigate, and if necessary prosecute, government officials for misconduct. They are typically used in cases where there is a significant risk that conflicts of interest will prevent traditional prosecutors (also known as “district attorneys” or “DAs”) from fairly and accurately seeking justice in the … [Read more...]

On Bad Allies, The Black Vote & Anal Behavior

  Last week I went on a mini Twitter rant about White allies acting badly. I inadvertently used a hash tag that was both informative and highly suggestive (at the same dang time): #NotAnAlly I was irritated by the countless social media conversations where non-Black “allies” threaten to withdraw support of movements like #BlackLivesMatter because of hurt … [Read more...]