Cops & District Attorneys: When Black Lives Don’t Matter

Special prosecutors are independent attorneys who are appointed to investigate, and if necessary prosecute, government officials for misconduct. They are typically used in cases where there is a significant risk that conflicts of interest will prevent traditional prosecutors (also known as “district attorneys” or “DAs”) from fairly and accurately seeking justice in the … [Read more...]

Dear Black Voters: Um. I Think We’re Doing This Wrong

  Within the pool of eligible Black voters there are some who proactively protest and/or boycott the vote. These are not the folks who forget to vote, nor are these the ones who would vote if the weather were nicer, if the lines were shorter, if the registration process were easier, or if they remember the election before they get home from work on that particular … [Read more...]

Racism: The Wound that Time Cannot Heal

Time Does Not Heal All Wounds It has been just a few months since the aftermath of Ferguson...since the death of Mike Brown. In that time we’ve come to learn the names of more: John Crawford III, Darien Hunt, Ezell Ford, Tamir Rice and so many others slain at the hands of police. Yesterday the grand klavern jury voted to not indict the White police officer who used a … [Read more...]

Sarah, Your Natural Hair Ain’t Like Mine. And That’s Ok.

Black people are not brown skinned White people. The collective experiences that shape the broader Black community’s experiences are not brown versions of the collective experiences of White people. I’ve quoted this sentiment before but feel it requires repeating ever so often. Last week I stumbled upon an…uh…interesting article on Curly Nikki’s website. The article caught … [Read more...]

Coming to the Air Waves: An Afro State of Mind

Afro State of Mind: Coming to the Air Waves As you can imagine, I’ve been super busy over the past few weeks. In addition to getting used to having a new born around, getting our son acclimated to elementary school and adjusting to life as a work at home mom, I have also been working on additional Afro State of Mind projects. One project in particular is a new radio show … [Read more...]