Past Speaking Events

Lurie’s speeches and writings on race, politics, culture, education and the impact of history on current racial dynamics challenge audiences to grow beyond their comfort zones – and to appreciate the process. Here are some of the past key events in her portfolio.

2017: Key Events

  • Women’s Health Leadership Forum | Defending Women’s Health in the Age of Trump: Resist & Reform (panelist) (March 2017) – Brooklyn, NY
  • 14th Annual Social Work Conference (panelist) (March 2017) – Brooklyn, NY
  • Invisible Forces: This American Life (guest panelist) (March 2017) – Brooklyn, NY
  • The Impact of Race, Racism & Culture in the Classroom (presentation) (March 2017) – Brooklyn, NY
  • Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office Black History Month 2017 (key note speaker) (February 2017) – Brooklyn, NY
  • Town Hall Meeting on the Immigration Executive Order (panelist) (February 2017) – Brooklyn, NY
  • Activism and Democracy in the Age of Trump (panelist) (February 2017) – Albany, NY
  • Diversifying the Legal Profession by The Schomburg Corporation (panelist) (February 2017) – Harlem, NY
  • Working Through Trump’s Muslim Ban: Emergency Town Hall | NYC City Council Member Robert E. Cornegy Jr. (panelist) (February 2017) – Brooklyn, NY
  • #BlackWealthMatters: Personal Finances in the Black Community (panel moderator) (January 2017) – Brooklyn, NY

2016: Key Events

  • The Black Middle Class in the Trump Era (radio interview, What’s at Stake with Verna Avery Brown) (December 2016) – (Washington, DC)
  • Spotlight on STEM conference (workshop facilitator) (December 2016) – Brooklyn, NY
  • BRIC Town Hall on School Desegregation (panelist) (December 2016) – Brooklyn, NY
  • Community Policing Forum | Judicial Remedies Process (workshop facilitator) (November 2016) – Brooklyn, NY
  • Our Neighborhood: Gentrification in Brooklyn (panel moderator) (October 2016) – Brooklyn, NY
  • The Legacy of Policing in Black Communities – (BK Live Guest Host) (September 2016) – Brooklyn, NY
  • #Justice4Ramarley Webinar (panelist) (August 2016) – New York, NY
  • Racial Truth and Reconciliation | A Conversation with Tim Wise | (moderator) (May 2016) – New York, NY
  • 2016 HipHop Literacies Conference: Black Women and Girls Lives Matter (speaker) (March 2016) – Ohio State University
  • The Beauty of Blackness and the Law: #BlackHairEdition (symposium moderator) (March 2016) – New York, NY
  • Black Hair in Predominantly White Spaces (key note speaker) (2015) – Providence, Rhode Island