Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want the Real You


(Unless He Can’t Get Anyone Else to Fight in His Wars) When creating a war ready military unit, the concept of “uniformity” is important. But concepts of uniformity do not exist in a vacuum. When military norms have their roots in a society that is permeated with a racist ideology (one that says Whiteness and all things associated with it are superior and that Blackness and … [Read more...]

Raising Confident Kinky, Coily and Curly-Haired Kids


Raising confident kids is hard under most circumstances. As Black parents, the challenges associated with instilling confidence and a sense of pride into our children can be even more complicated. Especially when it comes to their hair and skin color. Believe me when I say, it’s hard out there for the parents of a Black child especially when you consider the impact of the … [Read more...]

White Women + Black Hair = Racial Progress?


White Women + Black Hair = Progress? Recently there have been a number of images circulating in which corporate White women are featured wearing business suits and hairstyles typically seen only on Black women. These images are part of an exhibit, which seeks to build bridges between White and Black women. The photographer is a young Black woman by the name of Endia Beal, who … [Read more...]

Sheryl Underwood: Black Girl Pain


By now you’ve heard about Sheryl Underwood’s comments about Black hair being nasty on CBS’ national syndicated show called The Talk. In case you missed it here’s a brief recap: On Friday, Aug. 31, a re-run episode of CBS' "The Talk" featured the ladies discussing what supermodel Heidi Klum does with her biracial sons' shorn hair, Mediate first reported. (In a previous … [Read more...]

Tiana Parker: Black Girls & Black Hair Under Siege


******** UPDATE BELOW WITH INFO ON A CHANGE.ORG PETITION ******** When I saw the video (see link below) of little Tiana Parker crying because her school disapproved of her locks, it broke my heart. Tiana is the straight A student who attended Deborah Brown Community School. At least she did attend the school until her father Terrance Parker was forced to enroll her … [Read more...]