Discussing Race & the Law

Why Racial Profiling is Here to Stay

When we see an example of police brutality in action, racially disparate policing becomes part of the conversation. Though we know racism plays a huge role, rarely do we … »»

When #SlaveryMatters More than #BlackLivesMatter: Alton Sterling & Philando Castile

Ignorance Can Kill You Trying to understand race relations (or the conditions ailing the Black community since anyone alive can remember) without understanding slavery … »»

Cops & District Attorneys: When Black Lives Don’t Matter

Special prosecutors are independent attorneys who are appointed to investigate, and if necessary prosecute, government officials for misconduct. They are typically used … »»

On Bad Allies, The Black Vote & Anal Behavior

  Last week I went on a mini Twitter rant about White allies acting badly. I inadvertently used a hash tag that was both informative and highly suggestive (at … »»

Sandra Bland: Murdered For Acting Like A Black Girl

    Sandra Bland was murdered because she sounded and acted like a Black girl. Her death was a fatal example of the ways Black girls are regularly … »»

Dear Black Voters: Um. I Think We’re Doing This Wrong

  Within the pool of eligible Black voters there are some who proactively protest and/or boycott the vote. These are not the folks who forget to vote, nor are … »»

Racial Profile Policing

(or “The It Is Only Barely Illegal To Illegally Arrest/Beat/Kill Black People” Policing) I wrote a portion of this piece in February 2010 on what was one of my earlier … »»