#DearSheriffLott: Sex With Black People Can’t Cure Racism

Dear Sheriff Leon Lott, It's amazing that I'm using the phrase “sex with Black people” in the title of an open letter. But that’s what happens when someone with your level of power dares to use the “my employee/friend/brother-can’t-be-racist-because-he-has-an-African-American-girlfriend” excuse. I’m still tripping that you said this out loud and in public. As if sex … [Read more...]

Hey Children’s Place Clothing Store: Black Kids Matter

You know how your kids hit a growth spurt right as the weather changes and there’s no way on God’s earth that you can stretch last summer’s wardrobe any further? So that happened at our house. Right as the weather turned  to wake-up-sweaty-degrees we realized we had to get the kids some new clothes. We decided to go to Children’s Place because we had a ton of coupons and knew … [Read more...]

Nate Parker Speaks Part 2: Mike Brown, Art & Activism, The Nat Turner Project

Nate Parker: Using Art to Tell Stories that Heal This is the second segment of our two part interview (catch part one here) with Activist/Actor/Director Nate Parker.  Parker stars as Officer Kaz Nicols in his latest successful film Beyond the Lights. He just released #AmeriCAN, a powerful PSA inspired by the death of Mike Brown and the events in Ferguson, MO, and is … [Read more...]

Dear Black Voters: Um. I Think We’re Doing This Wrong

  Within the pool of eligible Black voters there are some who proactively protest and/or boycott the vote. These are not the folks who forget to vote, nor are these the ones who would vote if the weather were nicer, if the lines were shorter, if the registration process were easier, or if they remember the election before they get home from work on that particular … [Read more...]

When Donald Sterling is Your OBGYN/Pastor/Teacher/Doctor/Lawyer

Donald Sterling Is Everywhere. Not just because recordings of him spewing racist garbage to his Black Latina girlfriend are all over the Internet. Not because the public—and the NBA—was reminded that he is a racist slumlord who has been sued more than once for engaging in pervasive, blatant housing discrimination. Not because we now associate his picture with all that is … [Read more...]