Kickin’ It With the Kinks: Documentary Screening & Panel Discussion!

Ladies I am TOO excited to tell you about this event! Please see the official trailer for “Kickin’ It With The Kinks” and the press release below! I am honored to be among the panelists for this event – join us and spread the word!


NYC Premiere Screening of UK Documentary
Nu Ade Enterprises in collaboration with the International Communications Association will host this insightful UK documentary film, which integrates people with different ideologies about hair within the global black community. The screening of KIWTK is meant to ignite a much-needed conversation about aesthetics, cultural perspectives and overall care for one’s outward presentation, featuring Celebrity Stylist Hair Educators, FELICIA LEATHERWOOD and ANSYLLA RAMSEY. Making its first appearance in the US at the Dwyer Cultural Center, 258 St. Nicholas Avenue at 123rd St in Harlem, NYC on April 21st from 3-7pm.
Bridging the gaps in black hair care, our post panel discussion will include Hair Educators DEBRA HARE-BEY, NICOLE JAMES, HADIYA BARBELMARIA THOMPSON, and EBONY TYNES. We will also feature new author, blogger LURIE FAVORS, ESQ of Afro State of Mind  and new recording artist AMMA WHATT

Purchase Tickets Online at:


Early Bird tickets are on sale for $10.
For more info please call (866) 696-8233.

 is a proud member of Harlem Arts Alliance and The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce

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